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Koop Chiropractic – Serving Englewood, Littleton, South Denver, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch and South Denver with Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Response Therapy and Allergy Elimination

2015-06-19 05.06.28Dr. Kathy J. Koop, Chiropractor has been serving the chiropractic,  nutrition, and natural health care needs of the Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood, South Denver, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village communities for over twenty five years.

Dr. Koop specializes in treating spinal injuries and pain, including neck pain and back pain, headaches, whiplash (auto accidents), arm and leg pain, sciatica, TMJ pain, joint pain, and numbness or tingling (See “Conditions Treated” page). She strives to have her adjustments be pain-free, yet effective. She uses a gentle but powerful diagnostic and treatment technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK), as well as other techniques such as diversified (hands-on adjusting), Flexion-Distraction or Cox Technique (gentle stretching of the spine and opening of compressed discs), and adjusting tools such as the activator and arthrostim which provide a comfortable, pain-free adjustment.

Treatment plans are short-term to get you better in a few weeks, with no contracts or long-term obligations. We want to get you well and back doing what you love as quickly as possible!

Dr. Koop graduated summa cum laude from Duke University with a B.S. in Medical Technology and magna cum laude from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She is a Board Certified Chiropractor, as well as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. She lives in the foothills with her husband and two daughters, and enjoys hiking, cycling, cooking and nature.

Dr. Koop has extensively studied NRT, or Nutrition Response Testing, a form of clinical nutrition. She performs a patient body scan through manual testing and a computerized Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test to determine the body organs needing treatment. Precise reparative nutrition is prescribed and administered through food choices and whole food supplements to improve symptoms, organ function and overall health.

Other modalities provided at Koop Chiropractic are  allergy testing and elimination (food and environmental) using ASERT and physical therapy modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, hotpacks and therapeutic exercises.

2015-06-19 04.51.00The staff at Koop Chiropractic strive to keep their patients happy by listening closely to their needs. Appointments are timely with usually no more than a 5 minute wait.

Dr. Koop treats patients of all ages, from infants to the young at heart.

Please contact us at (303) 758-6400 to make an appointment or to ask questions about our Chiropractic and supporting services. You can also schedule an appointment using our online scheduler (click the button below and choose a service catagory on the left-hand side of the scheduling page).

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