About Us

Our Practice Difference

Experience: Dr. Koop has been at the helm of her health care center for almost three decades. Over the years, she’s developed a high degree of expertise, allowing her to welcome chronic and challenging cases. Whether you’re suffering from a bulging disc, or experiencing organ dysfunction, she’s ready to help.

Variety: Our office provides an array of holistic techniques to optimize your wellness. We offer both manual and instrument-based adjusting techniques, as well as specific strategies for disc herniation and sciatica. Dr. Koop also features ASERT (an advanced allergy elimination technique), applied kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing to determine the health of organs and glands.

Fast pain relief: We feature a cutting-edge therapeutic tool called the RRT PRO that can help you feel better within minutes. This advanced device treats fascia, tense, knotted muscles and tight, sore joints through high-frequency vibration. Patients love it!

Our Chiropractic Wellness Club: Club members enjoy substantial discounts when they come in on a regular basis to maintain and optimize their wellness potential.

We’d love to welcome you to our patient-centered practice. Same-day appointments and Saturday hours are available; most insurance is accepted. Contact us today for an appointment with our Chiropractor Englewood.