I had daily headaches for four years, and no one in the medical profession could help me. I had all the tests, and tried many drugs and therapies. After just a couple of chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Koop, my headaches went away. Now I only get an occasional headache. Thanks, Dr. Koop!

Brandon L.

The net effect of her treatments has been a 68 pt drop in total cholesterol and nearly complete remission of my arthritis pain and inflammation. She also used her chiropractic skills to treat several bones, in a foot and a shoulder, that were out of place and had caused me pain for many years. She also treated a hiatal hernia causing me serious reflux problems. I couldn’t be happier with how I am feeling and look forward to reducing my cholesterol even further.

Barbara A.

To quote Depok Chopra, “Chiropractors are the only [health care practitioners] who totally understand what we are talking about…Dr. D.D.Palmer [founder of chiropractic in 1895) was ahead of his time [and] chiropractors have been ahead of the field and have a great background for understanding these concepts as a whole. Into the next decade they should be taking the lead.

Judy E.

I also had intractable diarrhea for over three months, and nothing the medical doctors tried helped. Everything I ate just went right through me. After about two weeks on Dr. Koop’s Clinical Nutrition Program (NRT) I began to see improvement. The whole food supplements were actually targeting my thyroid and kidneys. Dr. Koop also found that I had a food allergy to wheat. Within 4 weeks on the program my bowel movements were back to normal. I am still on the program to remove a heavy metal toxicity in my body. Thanks again, Dr. Koop!

Frank G.

My life has changed drastically for the better since being treated by Dr Koop!! I went to her because my cholesterol was too high and my MD wanted me to take a statin drug. I wanted to find out why my liver was producing too much cholesterol. Dr Koop diagnosed wheat and egg white sensitivities, which were simple to avoid and suggested several supplements to help balance my body’s Ph and support digestive and liver function.

Diane H.

I have been seeing Dr. Koop for close to twenty years. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and professional with the treatments I receive. I see her regularly for realignment and when I have other issues to address she listens carefully and administers the appropriate treatment which has been very beneficial for me. She is really a terrific person and I am completely happy with her as my chiropractor. Jessica is also a very sweet and professional assistant to Dr. Koop whose massage therapy skill is truly wonderful.

Debi K.

About 2 years ago I was having back pain due to arthritis and a problematic sciatic nerve. I asked around and finally got a referral from my wife’s friend for a Chiropractor, Dr. Kathy Koop. After a couple of visits my back pain was reduced significantly! I still go to Dr. Koop today for my maintenance adjustments to keep my back feeling good. She is a true professional, I recommend her!!

Chris I.

I have been seeing Dr. Koop for the last 13 or 14 years and she has kept my body in motion. For a brief time I left Colorado for Florida and sought the services of a chiropractor there – this gave me a chance to compare – and believe me, there was no comparison. Whereas the medical profession “practices” on you – a good chiropractor, like Kathy Koop, doesn’t need to practice, but actually “performs” adjustments that relieve pain, stress, provide clarity and well-being by keeping your body in alignment.

Sandra J.